Monday, December 13, 2010

Apple disables iOS jailbreak detection API

According to Networkworld Apple have quietly disabled their jailbreak detection API that was built in to its iOS 4.2 firmware, less than six months after it was first introduced.

For us, the reasons could be to do with Apple losing a legal battle earlier this year, which saw the US government legalize software jailbreaking and unlocking.

However, no one really knows what the official reason is, even device management vendors have no clue, but they say that there are alternatives to discover if an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad has been modified. Apple is still against jailbreaking in a big way, stating that jailbroken devices pose a serious security threat, mainly from malware that could be present in unauthorized apps. However, if memory serves me correctly wasn’t it the jailbreaking community who first found a security vulnerability that Apple quickly patched with iOS 4.0.2?

It would be interesting to hear peoples thoughts on the matter, have you jailbroken your iPhone? Do you think Apple had the right to try and stop you from jailbreaking in the first place? (the US government did not seem to think so).

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