Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facebook Creating Application For All Tablets

Facebook may have left the task of creating a native application for the iPad to third-party developers, but it appears that the company plans to create something to run on all tablets, including the Apple device.The social network's Chief Technical Officer Bret Taylor told TechCrunch's M.G. Siegler, "We need to make a tablet version of Facebook. It's something we're working on right now."

This stance jibes with the social network's active embrace of Hypertext Markup Language 5 for Facebook coding and work by third-party application developers. HTML5 promises easier coding for an increased diversity of platforms, which would include tablets.

However, the language is still a work in progress, which explains the need for efforts like Facebook's JSGamebench, which is a game that researches how to optimize HTML5 performance for different combinations of browsers and hardware.

TechCrunch quotes Facebook's CTO as saying the lack of an iPad-specific application is a "casualty" of this fall's often quoted quip from the Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, who'd said he didn't consider the Apple tablet to be a mobile device.

That implies Facebook would allow media coverage of the company to inform whether or not the social network moved forward with a new product. I think responding to customer demand, rather than the media's dithering, makes more sense, and hope that the pan-tablet application is motivated by the masses.

What do you think about Facebook creating an application for all tablets rather than something specific to the Apple iPad?

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