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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Toshiba Announces Recall of Sandy Bridge Powered Notebooks

Notebook major Toshiba announced a recall-drive of all notebook PCs it sold that are based on Intel's Huron River platform, consisting of processors based on Sandy Bridge architecture and Cougar Point chipset, after Intel announced a critical design flaw with the chipset. In a consumer notice, Toshiba advised current owners of affected notebooks to return the notebooks for a full refund. It also asked users to backup data and remove all personal, confidential, or proprietary information before returning the units.

Affected models include variants of Satellite A660, Satellite A665, Satellite A665 3D Edition, Satellite E305, Satellite L655, Satellite M645, Portege R835, Qosmio X500, Qosmio X505. Details of which exact model numbers are affected, are tabled below. This Monday (1/31), Intel announced the discovery of a critical design error of the chipset that drives Intel's Sandy Bridge processors. In some cases, the SATA ports of the chipset will degrade in both performance and functionality. Intel had announced a massive component recall drive to pull out affected components from manufacturers.

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