Monday, December 12, 2011

Adblock Plus To Let ''Acceptable Ads'' Pass, By Default

Adblock - blocked all advertisement frames and popup scripts by default

Adblock claimed its spot under the Sun when it started out as a browser extension that blocked all advertisement frames and popup scripts by default. Apparently, the people behind it feel there is something they call "acceptable ads", and that they should be allowed to pass on to users by default, and will make sure the next version (2.0) of the software will do just that. Ironic? Adblock, thanks to its catchy, self-explanatory name, built a sizable user-base, as typical PC users assume it's a fire-and-forget solution to internet advertisements. This new move to exempt "acceptable ads" might not compute with many.

So what makes up an "acceptable ad"? According to the people behind Adblock, it's that which lacks any form of animation or sound, and that which loads up no more than one script. One could imagine's best deals ads and Google's text-only ads fitting the description more or less, but it throws open a new set of debates: Whether selective filtering only goes on to benefit well-established agencies such as Google as Google's trademarks in the ad frame are an instant credibility boost for those text-ads; and more importantly, why should Adblock's define what should be "acceptable" and why should they be allowed by default to begin with. Pick your topic and fire away.

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