Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Radeon HD 7900 to Introduce Eyefinity 3D, HD 7970 European Pricing Surfaces

AMD Radeon HD 7900
Reliable sources among AMD add-in board partners told DonanimHaber that the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 7900 series will introduce a new feature that other SKUs based on Southern Islands GPUs could also include. It's called Eyefinity 3D, and as the name might suggest, it's the next major update to Eyefinity, a technology that lets you span a single display head across up to six physical displays, and gives you the ability to use your available physical displays to accommodate multiple such display heads.

Eyefinity 3D adds support for 3D-optimized (120 Hz) displays, and lets you create large stereoscopic 3D display heads using a number of physical 3D displays. The technology behind this might not be as simple as it sounds, because the driver has to take into account the viewing angles of the displays in perspective to the user (as entered by the user), and calibrate the 3D image output. The same sources also hinted about the pricing of Radeon HD 7970.

AMD's next generation "Tahiti" is shaping up to be more of a monolithic high-end GPU than a high-performance GPU. Hence, single-GPU graphics cards based on it are expected to be expensive. An add-in board (AIB) partner told DonanimHaber that the European pricing of the HD 7970 will be in the range of 539-549 Euro, while its FOB price will be 500-510 Euro.

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