Thursday, December 8, 2011 and CustomUSB release the 'World's Best Flash Drive'

World's Best Flash Drive and CustomUSB

Big words are being thrown around today as and CustomUSB claim to be offering the world's best flash drive. No, unfortunately this drive doesn't have a built-in lighter, it won't cut soda cans and doesn't come with the phone number of your favorite actor/actress but it does feature a USB 3.0 interface, a durable aluminum casing that can be engraved, it delivers read/write speeds of up to 85/44 MB/s (37/28 MB/s via USB 2.0), and is pre-loaded with the platform.

The availability of the software (which can be downloaded for free here) means users can create their own portable app suite that will work on any Windows PC the flash drive is plugged into. According to its creators, the platform brings together a 'full-featured portable software menu, backup utility, app store, automatic updater and application management system.'

Back to the flash drive though, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in 8GB ($39.95), 16GB ($54.95) and 32GB ($99.95) capacities.


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