Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cubitek Announces Tank All-Aluminium Gaming Case Series

Cubitek, the new comer of the year in the case market, is presenting their newest case series after the successful launch of the Tattoo family. This new enclosures, called "Tank" is a new highlight in their product line-up. Three different sizes, which are all constructed of Aluminum, every type of mainboard between ITX and HTPX has been covered, giving the user total choice and control. Even though these cases are constructed of the light and high quality material, the "Tank" series also manages to impress with a competitive price point.

After the successful "Tattoo" series, which manages to impress with a unique, practical feature set and three internal color choices, the "Tank" series is clearly aimed at the enthusiast PC user. The three versions - Mini-, XL- and HTPX-Tank - are constructed using Aluminum exclusively, making them very light but retaining the strength to cope with big and heavy hardware. All "Tank" cases offer modern extras and a long list of excellent features.

The "Tank" series covers every mainboard size while retaining the possibiliy to install long graphic cards and large CPU coolers. The Mini-Tank utilizes a Mini-ITX mainboard, while the XL-Tank can fit anything up to XL-ATX. At the top of the line, there is the HTPX-Tank which is intended to be used by HTPX mainboards like the award winning EVGA SR2. All three version of the "Tank" offer modern connectivity like USB 3.0 and eSATA, along with a full set of fans in each of the cases.

The Mini-Tank offers enough space for graphic cards with up to 340 mm length and CPU coolers with up to 160 mm height. This enables the user to build a high-performance PC without the restrictions usually found in cases of this size. To power such systems, Cubitek has made sure that even the lognest power supply with up to 200 mm will easily fit within the Mini-Tank. On top of this, it can fit up to six drives. two external 5.25 inch and four internal, decoupled 2.5/3.5 inch bays. To cool all the components, the Mini-Tank includes three fans of 120 or 140 mm size. Even with this large and unique feature set, the use of Aluminum and its compact dimensions, the Mini-Tank will sell for a mere 119.90 Euro.

The XL-Tank is a big tower, enabling the user to install not only smaller mainboards but also full ATX and XL-ATX variants, while keeping the external dimensions to a minimum. Just like the Mini-Tank, it also allows for large components as graphic cards with up to 310 mm length or CPU coolers with up to 190 mm height. You will also be able to fill the case with up to 10 external or internal devices - four 5.25 inch ones and six 2.5/3.5 inch hard drives. A support beam in the interior holds up even the heaviest expansion cards and reduces the strain on the mainboard. But Cubitek has also managed to install four fans within the XL-Tank, one intake 230 mm unit with a dust filter in the front and three additional cooling units between 120 and 140 mm. With all these features and the included fans, the XL-Tank will sell for 149.90 Euro.

Last but not least. the biggest version of this series, the HTPX-Tank offers all the unique and useful benefits of the XL-Tank, but adds further expandability and possibilites to the mix. Due to the large size of the chassis and 10 mainboard expansion slots, it will hold even the largest HTPX boards. This means that the HPTX-Tank enables the user to install the award winning EVGA SR2 without any issues. The number of drive bays also benefit from the larger case as you will be able to install up to 12 drives - five 5.25 and seven 2.5/3.5 inch ones. To power a high-end system like this, Cubitek has given the user the choice and ability to install a second full length power supply by removing a simple hard drive cage in the top of the chassis. On top of this, the cooling of the HTPX-Tank has been maximized with six fans between 120 and 230 mm in size. Even in this market segment and with the features given, the HTPX-Tank will sell for only 199.90 Euro.

The Cubitek "Tank" series will be available from the 16th of March at A special overview of the new series can be found at

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