Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dolby introduces lighter, cheaper 3D glasses to better compete with RealD and IMAX

Dolby has been working on getting the cost of its 3D glasses down since bringing Infinitec color shift technology to theaters back in '07 and it couldn't wait for CinemaCon 2011 next week before announcing the new models seen above.
These should please theater operators by being cheaper than the old ones - down to $12 or less per reusable pair from $17 last year and $27.50 the year before that - and hopefully cinemagoers by being lighter, with a new multilayer optical film from 3M and redesigned frame to help block extraneous light. There's also RFID tags to help keep them from walking out of the moviehouse, and it claims they will fit over 98 percent of prescription glasses. So far RealD has lead the market with its cheaper glasses, multiple styles and home HDTV cross-compatibility, while IMAX is synonymous (usually) with big screens, but if theaters start passing down that savings in the form of lower ticket prices we might pick out a Dolby screen among the other 3D theater competition the next time we head to the theater.

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