Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New AKG GHS-1 Gaming Headset Unveiled by Harman

After taking a look at Harman's wireless headsets a while back, it's now about time to check out yet another one of their products, the newly introduced AKG GHS-1 portable gaming headset.

Gaming-oriented headsets come in many shapes and sizes nowadays, but we'll have to admit that there's something really interesting about the AKG GHS-1 as far as its overall look is concerned, the device being specifically designed for long-term operation, which means that it's actually capable of delivering quite a good level of comfort.

Plus, the 3D-Axis2 folding headband design ensures the fact that the headset will be extremely easy to carry around and store, without its structure being severely affected, which is a seriously major plus, especially taking into account the specific market segment Harman targets with its new AKG GHS-1 audio solution.

However, beside providing gamers with a good level of comfort during long gaming sessions, the new headset also packs some pretty impressive audio features, starting with the built-in microphone, controlled via a special remote placed right on the audio cable.

So, the device has been fitted with a boom microphone sporting background noise-canceling technology, while its drivers have also been equipped with a passive noise reduction system, meant to filter out noise.

"The new GHS-1 headset is designed specifically for the gamer and features our innovative audio engineering built into a distinctive, long-lasting and intuitive design for the ideal gaming experience," said David Slump, president, HARMAN Consumer Division.

As far as the pricing and availability of the new AKG GHS-1 portable headset from Harman is concerned, we'll have to mention that the new audio solution comes in three color combinations, namely black and orange, white and green and camouflage and blue, the estimate retail price point for all of these versions being set at $79.95.

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