Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Rugged Portable WS from NextComputing Delivers Computing in Tough Environments

NextComputing, manufacturer of high-performance portable workstations and servers, announces its latest rugged portable workstation computer, the Vigor EX. Built to withstand harsh environments and handling, the Vigor EX packs high-end workstation performance in a durable chassis for anyone who needs to run demanding software applications in the field.

Graphics- or processing-intensive applications like geospatial imagery analysis, UAV ground control, or HD digital video processing require very high-end, powerful computer hardware to run properly. However, for mobile deployments where size, weight, power, and cooling (SWaP-C) are a concern, a typical rackmount server is oftentimes too large, heavy and power consuming.

The Vigor EX is ideal for these situations. Because this compact system is designed to handle the same compute-hungry tasks normally assigned to full-sized systems, users can comfortably replace larger rackmount hardware with an all-in-one workstation that is easier to transport and set up.

The Vigor EX features:

  • Dual-chassis design featuring shock-mounted internal chassis suspended in a rugged, mil-anodized external chassis with no metal-to-metal contact

  • Single- or dual-processor low-power Intel Xeon architecture or single Intel Core i7 processor

  • Up to 48GB ECC or 24GB non-ECC DDR3 memory (RAM)

  • Over 7TB (terabytes) internal storage capacity with upwards of 1.2GB/s (gigabytes-per-second) sustained RAID write performance (when using twelve (12) 600GB 10,000 RPM SAS 2.5" hard drives in RAID 0)

  • Up to seven (7) full-length, full-height PCI Express and PCI expansion slots

  • Support for multiple high-end graphics cards (GPUs)

  • Integrated 17-inch HD display with optional 2nd and 3rd fold-out displays (screen-less versions also available)

  • Removable back-panel allows full access to hot-swappable drives and all internal components for easy service and upgrades

  • Weight starting at 35 lbs., depending on configuration

"Our customers in the military and other demanding markets have for years relied on our Vigor series rugged workstations for their mission-critical applications," says Bob Labadini, President & CTO of NextComputing. "The Vigor EX continues this tradition by packaging the latest COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) motherboard technology in our durable dual-chassis design, while maintaining our commitment to quality and custom engineering services."

The Vigor EX is available now from NextComputing and its authorized resellers. Please contact NextComputing for pricing.

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