Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art. Lebedev Optimus Popularis Detailed, Mini Six Up For Pre-Order

Art. Lebedev, super-keyboard, the Optimus Popularis

Russian studio Art. Lebedev detailed the latest iteration of its super-keyboard, the Optimus Popularis. The studio also put up its newest creation, the Mini Six, up for pre-order. The Optimus Popularis is, as its makers put it, "a million keyboards in one". Each of its keys has a sharp color LCD display. Backed by its key design and function software (for Mac and Windows), users can pretty-much come up with their own unique key-sets. The software includes hundreds of key designs, more can be downloaded.

Art. Lebedev


The design also allows users to change languages on-the-fly, as the keyboard morphs its key-set with OS IME changes. Each key can further be used to display a specific applet (such as graphs, "live buttons" that link to Facebook or GMail, displaying unread updates/mail. Further, between its main key cluster and its topmost row, is a display bar that can be used by applets and gadgets. The Optimus Popularis is no more a concept, it can be purchased for the equivalent of US $1,086. The studio also put a six-key micro-keyboard, the Mini Six, for pre-order, priced at $376.

Optimus Popularis

Art. Lebedev, the Optimus Popularis

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