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Sunday, November 27, 2011

8GB GOODRAM DDR3 Module Makes Its Appearance


Wilk Elektronik, the company behind the GOODRAM memory brand, has just announced that it has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a new 8GB high-capacity DDR3 module, adding its name to an ever growing list of memory makers that already have such solutions available.

The new 8GB DDR3 stick requires only 1.5V in order to operate and it was designed to run at 1333MHZ with CL9 (9-9-9-28) timings.

Wilk Elektronik settled for using Micron chips in these modules, which they promise deliver improved stability even when four such stick are installed for a total of 32GB of memory.

We don’t know what to make of that claim, since we are rather doubtful about running that much memory without having ECC support.

“The line of 8GB DDR3 memory modules with the frequency of 1333MHz has been created bearing in mind the users, who care not only for stability, but also capacity,” said Wieslaw Wilk, the CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA.

“The 64-bit systems, whose popularity is growing, allow increasing the size of memory,” concluded the company’s rep.

The GOODRAM 8GB memory modules are available both as a standalone part, but also as a dual-channel 16GB kit including two such sticks. Sadly, no information regarding pricing or availability was provided.

However, when the GOODRAM memory will come out the market it will have to fight against an ever increasing number of similar products as most manufacturers are racing to get out 8GB DDR3 sticks.

One particularly strong competitor is the German maker Exceleram which has just yesterday announced its own 8GB DDR3 memory module that retails for a mere $49.99 (€37.4),

This making it half the price of other similar solutions, and enables users to install as much as 32GB of DDR3 in motherboards supporting four memory sockets for as low as $200 (149.6 EUR).

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