Friday, November 25, 2011

Upcoming PS3 Firmware To Enable Vita Remote Play

As EuroGamer reported, a future PlayStation 3 firmware update will enable Vita Remote Play on all games. What does it mean?

Yeah, it means that you can play all the PS3 games in the garden during summer, which is quite amazing, right? Of course, you could also lie in bed more freely playing games.

However, something will make us feel disappointed as we couldn’t play the current games at a massive resolution through PS Vita remote control. There would be only at the  480×272 resolution, while Vita’s OLED display is capable of displaying games at 960×544 resolution.

But we can’t deny that it’s a decent function for PS lovers, it’s said that the future games can support the special 480p pattern while enabling PS Vita remote control, so there would be great improvement in image performance.

In terms of PS Vita remote control, Sony declined to comment on it when Eurogamer contacted them.

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