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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sapphire Unleashes HD 6850 With 2GB Memory

It has been still recently for NVIDIA and AMD in desktop GPU market, and graphics card manufacturers should need self-independent innovation adding some selling-point for their products. After Zotac introduces silent GeForce GTS 450 graphics card, Sapphire also unveils a special HD 6850.

Currently there are basically three kinds of non-reference graphics cards with Sapphire, including Platinum, Vapor-X and Toxic versions. The newly-launch one comes with 2GB memory, as for other specifications, it’s the same as commonly-seen HD 6850 Platinum edition.

Sapphire HD 6850 2GB Platinum features 960 stream processors, is clocked at 775MHz, and the memory frequency is 4000MHz (the same as the custom one). As for output, it packs dual-link DVI port, and a single link DVI-D/HDMI 1.4a/DisplayPort 1.2.

However, the pricing of Sapphire HD 6850 2GB Platinum is still unknown.

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