Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Radeon HD 7000M Mobile GPUs Slated For December Launch Tabled

Around the 9th of December, AMD will announce its first Radeon HD 7000M series graphics processors, beginning with mobile parts (for notebooks). There will be at least 16 models announced, all based on two silicons: "Thames" and "Seymour", and being carved out of toggling various components within those GPUs. The models AMD will be launching will span across the Radeon HD 7400M series, 7500M series, and 7600M series. Thames and Seymour are brand new chips built on the 28 nanometer silicon fabrication process, which will allow AMD more TDP headroom, which it can use to step up clock speeds.

Radeon HD 7000M

While we don't have key details such as stream processor, ROP, and TMU counts, a table based on data compiled by lists out GPU and memory clock speeds, memory interface widths, and memory type. The table also mentions some higher-end GPU models named "Chelsea", "Heathrow", and "Wimbeldon". By now you know that all these codenames are after names of places in the UK. That's one way you can identify Radeon HD 7000M mobile GPUs from the "Southern Islands" Radeon HD 7000 desktop discrete GPU family (named after islands in the southern hemisphere).

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