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Friday, April 22, 2011

EverCool Announces Dr. Cool, World's First Router Cooler

EverCool, Dr. Cool, First Router Cooler

Guess what it is. A crab? The tool for clip game? Or a small UFO? It is the new cooler launched by EVERCOOL, who is always driven by the coexistence of both cooling and aesthetics, but also emphasizing the usability. Dr. Cool is the World's first specialized cooler for Routers and IP sharing devices with a unique design. It was conceived with three features in mind: branding, creative aesthetics and effective cooling. This last being where EVERCOOL pays special attention to, as well as taking into consideration user's feedback. It has a white, delicate and compact appearance that makes it attractive to people's eyes.

EverCool, Dr. Cool, First Router CoolerEverCool, Dr. Cool, First Router CoolerEverCool, Dr. Cool, First Router Cooler

Dr. Cool provides a cooling solution to address overheating problems. Using one 8cm long-life fan it provides sufficient airflow to achieve silent cooling, effectively dissipating the heat. It also helps prevent damage caused by heat by long periods of operation and extend the router's or IP sharing device's life expectancy.

EverCool, Dr. Cool, First Router CoolerEverCool, Dr. Cool, First Router Cooler

The retractable clip design makes Dr. Cool compatible with different sizes of routers (IP sharing devices), additionally it can be used for 2.5" portable hard disks, tablet PCs, Netbooks or other accessories. The multi-clip design makes it very easy for users to install it, just place and clip. Soft pads inside the clips further secure the router or devices as well as preventing it from sliding. Dr. Cool can powered by either USB or a DC power transformer, which makes very convenient for users.

As its name suggests, Dr. Cool has multiple functions and just like a Doctor has extensive knowledge in the cooling field. The reasonable price gives it a very good cost/performance value. Cooling solutions are not only limited to PC, Dr. Cool is a suitable cooling alternative for routers and IP sharing devices.

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