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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hardware Recycling Policy Gets Going in the US


It seems that after all the waste that has been gathering from old computers, peripherals and all sorts of gadgets, the US E-Waste Law has begun to be seriously enforced, and the State of New York seems to have landed a fairly convenient deal with the Per Scholas non-profit organization.

It is a generally accepted fact that the world is full of old pieces of hardware and entire systems or consumer electronics.

Many of them end up gathering dust in a closet or warehouse, while some are outright thrown out with the trash.

Over the years, this has become a problem because many of the substances employed in the making of computer parts.

Nevertheless, regulations and laws are catching up to the need to somehow deal with all this waste, and it looks like recycling is, as expected, a top option.

In fact, the New York State benefits from the services of the Per Scholas non-profit organization, whose purpose is to recycle and recondition well-functioning devices.

"We are glad the E-Waste Law is being enacted in New York State," says Plinio Ayala, CEO & president of Per Scholas.

"Not only does the law help to protect the environment, but, through Per Scholas' programs, it can also help benefit the residents directly. Doing good has never been this easy."

By benefiting residents directly, Per Scholas means that reconditioned devices are distributed to the community at the lowest price possible.

"Per Scholas is proud to be working with some of New York's largest companies, handling the recycling, reconditioning and redistribution of their outdated devices," says Damien Howard, VP of Business Development at Per Scholas.

"We help the companies as much as they help the community by helping them to dispose of their retired technology in an environmentally conscious manner while being mindful of their overall organizational objectives."

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