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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Archos 9 tablet gets an SSD upgrade

Archos is clearly one of the brand names that manages to offer affordable tablets, with a lot of products priced in the 200-400 $ range, thus cheaper than the iPad and any other competing products. Of course Archos tablets are not the best you can get for the money, but you do get considerably better products than those no name Android tablets. One of the older models, the Archos 9, a 9 inch tablet as the name suggests, recently got a small upgrade in terms of performance: a 32 GB SSD drive.

You might think that getting from a 60 GB classic drive to a 32 GB SSD model is not really an upgrade but you would be wrong. Just read my review of the bModo 12G tablet, which also features an Atom CPU and a solid state disk which really makes a difference. In the case of the Archos 9 tablet, surely you'll feel even more bump in performance, as the Atom Z515 CPU at 1.2 GHz is anything but a speed daemon. The rest of the specs are bound to remain unchanged: 1024 x 600 pixels screen and 1 GB RAM (I would have added at least two gigs to help Windows 7 move faster).