Sunday, January 30, 2011

LG’s G-slate not only displays 3D content, but also records it

LG is one of the few big names who didn't present any tablet at CES 2011, but we already know they're working closely with T-Mobile to bring the first Honeycomb 3.0 tablet to market, as soon as Google releases officially the OS. Apparently the use of the newest Android version is not the only novelty of the LG G-Slate, but the fact it will offer 3D capabilities, glasses free. And to top this off, apparently 3D recording is on the table too, which means on the back of the device we should see dual digital cameras.

If only photos will be recorded in 3D then only one camera is enough and a good software to take pictures one close to each other and compose them together into one 3D picture (like on the Sharp Galapagos tablets). Now back to the basic specs, the LG G-slate will feature an 8.9 inch diagonal display form factor, with power supplied by a Tegra 2 dual core CPU. Video (3D or not) could be output to big screen TVs via an HDMI port. I don't know about you, but the next three weeks till Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will feel like an eternity. Here's an official presentation spot: