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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1-Color Display NoteSlate Bridges the Gap Between Tablets, eReaders

Without a doubt, we're seeing plenty of Internet tablets and eReader-like devices making their way to the market these days, and while some of them do offer some pretty interesting features at more or less affordable price points, other are simply strange, their particular target segment not being very clear, and that's exactly the case with the NoteSlate.

This product, that's still in concept stage, at least for the time being, takes eBook readers to a whole different level, since it will allow users to choose from several different color backgrounds for the eIkn display.

And since we're on the topic of the display, we'll also have to mention that it's touch-sensitive (one can use a special pen for input) and delivers quite a generous amount of space, namely 13 inches or 190 x 270 mm (750 x 1080 pixels resolution).

For the time being, the company behind the NoteSlate plans to launch several models coming with different background colors, but a 4-color model is also in the works.

Although one can use the pen to take notes or draw, the NoteSlate's main controls are three main physical buttons: save current screen, view previous screen, delete current screen.

Beside taking notes and drawing, users will also be able to listen to music on the NoteSlate, and for this reason, it also comes with headphones, plus a USB port and SD Card slot, for storing content.

Plus, battery life seems to be quite impressive, since we're talking about around 180 hours of functioning, this impressive level of autonomy supporting a further boost with the addition of a backcover equipped with a solar panel.

Last, but certainly not least, we'll have to point out that the NoteSlate will be an extremely affordable product, selling for just around 99 US dollars when it becomes available later on this year, which is quite an OK price point for this device, all things considered.

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