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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ExoPC to go Oak Trail, UI Layer to add 3d support, licensed out

Some of our gang, Nicole especially, has been a big fan of the 'connect four' interface that resides on top of the ExoPC 11.6-inch Windows 7 tablet to make the OS easier to navigate by finger. The tablet itself has been fairly well received by press and the EXOPC community itself and now that company has announced what it has in store for this year.

ExoPC, UI Layer to add 3d support, licensed out

So on with the announcements. First, the tablet will get an upgrade to Oak Trail some time later this year. Once this is released the ExoPC software on board will finally move on from being in Beta stage.

Then, several new plans for the UI side - the UI layer will be licensed out to OEMs who'll be able to rebrand the interface. There are already a few partnerships lined up with more on the way. Then, the built-in keyboard will get an upgrade to a customized ExoPC keyboard with new features and last of all, later this year the UI will go 3D. The glassless variety.

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