Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cooler Master Launch Turbine Master Fan

Cooler Master developed a new fan can produce a large airflow for a very low noise, the new model number is R4 TMBB-08FK-R0. This new fan go through as the High Air Flow Turbine Master and can be substituted for the regular 120mm fans inside the computer case or CPU cooler.The new Turbine fan Master has a round frame that ensures optimal air flow and also has a powerful motor that rotates 16 fan blades for increased air at low speed.

Cooler Master has the design also takes into account the phenomenon of dust, where this fan will not escape.Thus, this Master Turbine cooler easily dismantled for cleaning. The Turbine Master works at a relatively low speed of 800 revolutions per minute, but it achieves 35.07 CFM of air.According to the manufacturer noise is limited to 13.83 dB, so the coolers virtually inaudible to the human ear.

The main feature of this most efficient fan is Barometric ball bearing , a unique technology that barometric pressure remains in the center of the fan. This creates less resistance, resulting in a long life of 100,000 hours of use, says Cooler Master. In addition, the lower resistance ensure that the noise low.

The High Flow Turbo Air Master works on 12 volts and draws 0.2 amps, thereby maximizing the power. This results in a maximum power of 2.4 watts when opspinnen. With continuous use energy consumption would not exceed 0.96 watts out, which amounts to 0.08 Amps. Cooler Master delivers its latest model with four rubber fan screws, four metal screws, four rubber pads and a 3-pin molex to power.

Turbine Master R4 TMBB-08FK-R0 price at € 12.95.

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