Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WD Intros New Enterprise SAS HDDs, Including 2.5-inch 10,000RPM Drive

Western Digital has just announced that it has increased its line of enterprise SAS solutions with the addition of two new hard drive lines, the 2.5-inch WD S25 SAS and the 3.5-inch WD RE SAS, both offering higher storage capacities than their predecessors.


The newly released S25 SAS HDDs are available with either 450GB or 600GB of storage space and feature 10,000RMP spindle speed as well as a SAS 6Gbit interface.

Together with the previously released 147GB and 300GB models, these are designed for mission-critical server and storage systems.

Moving to the 3.5-inch HDDs, Western Digital says the drives were built in order to be used in high-capacity data centers, storage area networks, network attached storage and cloud storage, and are available in 1TB and 2TB capacities.

Their spindle speed is rated at 7,200RPM, the HDDs are compatible with 6Gbps SAS and feature advanced error correction as well as vibration protection capabilities.

Both the WD S25 SAS and the WD RE SAS feature 32MB of cache memory and improved reliability, the 2.5-inch HDDs also packing advanced energy saving technologies that lower their power requirements to just 8W.

"Meeting the demands of our customers and IT professionals in the enterprise market is the primary driver of our long-term commitment to SAS drives," said Darwin Kauffman, WD's vice president of enterprise storage solutions.

"Our focused strategy in the enterprise continues to ensure that customers who have rewarded WD with their preference of WD drives in other application segments receive the same outstanding values of quality, reliability, performance and availability with WD's SAS drives.

It is with that commitment that we are now able to meet a wider set of customer requirements," concluded the company's rep.

Details about pricing are available upon request, but both drives should be available for purchase right now.

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