Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Picture of HP webOS Tablet

Engadget has published the first two pictures of the upcoming webOS tablets made by HP. According to insider there is two tblet namely Topaz and Opal. the "Topaz" comes with a 9-inch display and the "Opal" have 7 inches diagonally. Both have a 1.2 gigahertz processor, and on second webOS which is shown in the pictures. "Topaz" has no hardware button on the front, but has a front camera. Both models have different types of connectivity.

In addition to a pure "wireless" version to appear in each case a model with 3G and LTE support. The plan is the worldwide launch of the "Opal" in September, the LTE version will follow in summer of 2012. According to Engadget there is chance to "Topaz" appear before the "Opal" , more accurate information on this is expected on 09 . Coz, HP will have an event in San Francisco where they can show cased the new webOS devices , which include two tablets .

Image source: engadget

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