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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KFA2 GeForce GTX 460 Razor Single Slot review

Currently three products are rather popular within NVIDIA's desktop graphics card line-up, the GTX 580 which is too expensive for most people, the GTX 570 which is too expensive for many people and then there's the GTX 460, which everybody seems to get smiles upon their face ... no metaphors to Coldplay intended here by the way.

Face it, to date the GTX 460 cards offer a frackload of performance for money, the value you see with the card is just awesome. Anno January 2011,you can spot the 768MB models for 125 EUR already whereas the 1024MB versions not only have a little more memory but rendering performance as well, can be spotted for roughly 150 EUR already.

Now after a horrible, horrible desktop consumer graphics year for NVIDIA the GTX 460 thus came and grasped the hearts of many consumers but of course also the NVIDIA board partners. As to date, I have not seen and tested so many graphics cards from one series as that GTX 460 series.

And you know what ? The development is still ongoing ... a couple of days ago KFA2 issued a press-release announcing yet another GTX 460. The SKU is the 1024MB model tagged as Razor edition ... with razor blades being sharp and thin, yes ... this in fact is the first single slot GTX 460 that enters the trenches of the laboratory, you know... that dark, demonic, hidden deep underground facility where volcanic lava flows and divine powers whispers (spoken backwards) are a common anomaly.

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